Schlagwort: Bad Sassendorf

Final presentation on CU at the breeders’ meeting in Bad Sassendorf

Final presentation at the breeders’ meeting by Dr. U. Merschbrock

Dear Friends of the Irish Terrier,

We regularly report on the progress and status of research into cystinuria in Irish Terriers. Dr Ulrich Merschbrock and all those male dog owners from the Irish Terrier breeding community who have supported him with valid samples that have made the complex analyses of the research group led by Prof. Tosso Leeb from the University of Bern possible have been the driving force behind this commitment in recent years. The project also received indirect support from the Irish Terrier Breeders’ Association (Foerderverein Irish Terrier) by covering the costs of sending samples and consistent reporting with the aim of informing the relevant target group. The result is widely known and can be seen in the article The end for the genetic testing in CU research

The current article by Dr Merschbrock was given as a lecture on the occasion of the Irish Terrier Breeders’ Meeting in Bad Sassendorf. The article provides a look back at six and a half years of commitment to the cause. It is now to be hoped that this commitment and interest in research will not come to an absolute end with the current result, but can be resumed and continued, especially as it has brought about some veritable findings.

Thomas Zengler
Breed Representative